This is a selection of interactive projects, web, and electronic art, running from September 14 through November 16 in different venues in Toronto. The show will be supported by a series of theoretical insights about art in the Internet era, artist and curator talks, performances and video screenings.

Jorge Marulanda,
Lila Pagola,
Miguel Rojas Sotelo,
Arlan Londoño,
Curator Miguel Rojas Sotelo Lecture: Sept 20 OCAD Mobile Media Lab
52 McCaul Street, from 6 to 9 pm

Web Artists: Online until Nov 30
Nuevos Ricos, Julian Lede, Adre Pahl and Carlos Amorales; Proyecto curatorial 060, Javier Toscano, Lourdes Morales, Danilea Wolf y Gabriela Gómez-Mont; Santiago Ortiz; Anne-Marie Schleiner and Luis Hernández; Ricardo Fajardo; Brian Mackern; Gustavo Romano; Eduardo Navas; Joystick, Ricardo Duque; Artenemo.org, Jorge Alban; Eduardo Tisselli; Biopus group, Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Pirotta, Matías Romero Costa; Rafael Fajardo, MimoSa; Martin Giraldo; Minerva Cuevas; Binaria Project; Fernando Llanos; Pablo Helguera; Inés Martino; Fernando Otegui; Mario Rivas; g2g; Wiki del Proyecto Nomade; Casa 13, Belkys Scolamieri, Verónica Maggi y colaboradores; Enrique Aguerre; Pequeño Bambi, Karol Zingali y colaboradores; Analia Regue; Andrés Caycedo; Fernando Pertuz; Andalucia Knoll And José Miguel González Casanova.

XPACE Gallery, 58 Ossington Ave, www.xpace.info
Date: September 14 to 23, 2007.
Opening reception: September 14 from 6 to 9 pm

Julieta María,
Guillermina Buzio,
Lorena Salomé,
Patricio Dávila, Brenda Goldstein and Ken Leung,
Jorge Lozano.
Artists Talk: XPACE Gallery, September 15 from 3 to 5 pm

Tinto Coffee House
, 89 Roncesvalles Ave, www.tinto.ca
October 1 to 22, 2007.
Pores / Poros, Digital Photography by Alexandra Gelis
Opening reception: October 5 from 6 to 9 pm

Essays by:
Belen Gache,
Jorge Marulanda,
Susan Douglas,
Eduardo Navas,
Laura Baigorri

Curators talk at OCAD Mobile Media Lab, 52 McCaul Street, 3rd floor
September 19 from 6 pm to 9 pm
This is the first of a series of talks where we invite several curators that live in Toronto and work with media and new media to share their vision.

Vicky Moufawad-Paul,
Jorge Lozano,
Ulyses Castellanos,
Ricardo Rozental and Elvia Sáenz.

Video screenings:
Screenings will take place at Tinto Coffee House
presented by our invited curators. September 22 to October 26 at 7 pm.

September 22
Digital environmental culture: Paolo Lugari: A Renaisance Man. by  Miguel Rojas Sotelo. Executive producer: Gioconda Perez Snyder. English (25 min.)
The 25 minutes documentary counts also with footage of Paolo Lugari's recent lecture on the history of Gaviotas and the approval of Gaviotans, back in the Vichada State in Colombia. It was made during Lugari's visit to the city of Pittsburgh (USA) in May 2007 to receive an honorary PhD., in Science and Technology by Carnegie Mellon University. http://amigosdelcinelatinoamericano.googlepages.com/paololugariarenaissanceman

1 @andalusi@ The Baglady by Miguel Rojas Sotelo
Documentary piece on the artistic practices of an (i)ndymedia artist-activist. The video functions as a pseudo-portrait of an imaginary-real artist that deals with a counter systemic way to produce art and communication in an urban setting in contemporary United States. (Duration: 30 min)

September 29
Streets Mutha a video produced as part of the Alucine workshops in collaboration with the centre for Spanish Speaking People, coordinated and produced by Jorge Lozano and Guillermina Buzio on 2005, 28 min.

The second part composed by videos produced as part of the Alucine workshops in collaboration with the city of Cali, Colombia, 2006, 20 min.

October 5
Pores / Poros, Digital Photography by Alexandra Gelis
Opening reception:
September 14 from 6 to 9 pm

Video Art Curated by Arlan Londoño

October 12
Dead Babies and Blood by Ulyses Castellanos

October 20 
Digital Event'07 Web Video, Curated by Arlan Londoño

October 26
Narrative Resistance By Vicky Moufawad-Paul
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Balata Film Collective, Akoub the challenge , 2005, 8 min
Balata Film Collective, Women in death castles , 2005, 7 min
Balata Film Collective, Grass doesn't grow in the camp , 2005, 6min
Balata Film Collective, Children of the stones, 2005, 5min
Annemarie Jacir, Like Twenty Impossibles , 2003, 17 min
Majdi El-Omari, At the Window , 2004, 30 min
Jackie Salloum, Planet of the Arabs , 2005, 9 min

November 9
Video Art by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

November 16  
Documentary by Carolina Loyola-Garcia
Pascua Lama: A contemporary quest for El Dorado.

e-fagia is also co-presenting:
HOT SPOT - Performance by Lina Rodriguez @ Engine Gallery - 1112 Queen St West - Scotiabank Nuit Blanche - Sept 29 from 7pm to 7 am.