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Dystorpid Visions
Cameras, microphones, exploring surfaces, territories. At first an astonishing window into other worlds, one marveled at the sight of life being projected on the screen, and at the conquering of distances that allowed one to hear the other’s voice and see the crushing of the train into the room that opens and lets in...  go+
Dystorpia or The Impracticable Pan-American Dream vs A Crude Real Integration
Far back in time

The Spanish colonies in America were at war fighting for their independence from the colonial rule between 1810 and 1825. Soon after these wars were over, the warriors-turned-statesmen begun formulating their first ideas about Pan Americanism... go+
A Reading Of Our Urban Soundscapes
Sound is narrative.  We hear and  attach meaning that is informed by socio-political and cultural worldviews.  We hear the sound of our municipal and federal politics at work in our city... go+
Suicide Letter
A.D. 250

Second, it is clear that the decision to relinquish issuing of a specific mandate, only to by the government assembly or convention convened in the absence to found a federation, is destined ultimately to Greek, to whom Bolivar referred. Our independence was never proclaimed... go+
Unverified Group Produce First Newscast On
Unification Of The Americas
1. In this document, I will present to you a scenario and I will be asking you to respond to it as if it was a real event.  I will provide you with a short historical text to help you warm up your association of memories; we take a 10 minute and then and then as respond some questions... go+