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.dpi no7 :: Hard Mobility ::
by Sophie Le-Phat Ho
What is mobile art exactly? These days, it seems to have to do with your cell phone or PDA. With the emergence of mobile and locative art, the connection between art and industry counts yet another important instance. Indeed, mobile art echoes… well, hype. Which leads to the question: what are we really doing with these technologies? Of course, mobility sounds attractive and cute because of its reference to things like, say, freedom? Sounds a bit too familiar doesn’t it… go+
Locative Media as War.
by Sophie Le-Phat Ho
The Transborder Immigrant Tool is being developed at the Calit2 Lab of UCSD (University of California, San Diego) by a team of electronic disturbance artists composed of Ricardo Dominguez, Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cárdenas and Jason Najarro. The project aims to reduce the number of deaths at the US/Mexico border by providing a device that migrants can use to locate resources, such as water caches and safety beacons, as well as situate themselves in the desert. The author explores the tool's intervention in bringing together questions of artistic value and humanitarian value in the current landscape of mobile and locative media art... go+
by Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cárdenas
For your protection and the protection of others, put on your N95 mask and latex gloves.

You walk into a room with a table full of instruments covered in iridescent dust, very old instruments from the 2030's, some broken into shards of glass and others burnt. Here in this laboratory, before the myth of rigid national borders was eradicated by the H3N91 mutations, artists experimented with their bodies, applying a Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together ethos to medical science. Amidst the collapse of information capitalism, new ways out of the religious dogma of western rational science were re-discovered and re-invented... go+
Activism Beyond The Interface: notes on an itinerant production lab
by Roberta Buiani and Alessandra Renzi
In the last decade or so, we have witnessed an unprecedented diversification of activist tactics and strategies aimed at fighting injustices, raising awareness on social inequality and unscrupulous resource exploitation through all possible media. As protests and critical mass actions continuously experiment with colourful and joyous (though not less militant) modes of interfacing with their interlocutors through music, street theatre, and carnivals, technology is harnessed at different levels of organising. Information technologies and D.I.Y. media... go+
Cities, (im)mobilities and the politics of visibility
by Kate Milberry
With the globalization of capitalism has come the generalization of capitalist values on a world scale. Efficiency, privatization, and above all, profit have become doctrine, promoted and aspired to with something like religious zeal. The foundation of capitalism is freedom, claim its disciples. Freedom, we are told, is both prime mover and product of the new world economic order at the end of history and the end of ideology. Capitalism both relies upon and promotes the free flow of information, goods and services... go+
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