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This is a proposal by e-fagia collective involving the participation of teenagers in the creation and production of a visual and media art project. Our aim is to work with youth from the multinational community living in Toronto. While the project started with a group of teenagers from Latin American origin, we have currently invited youth from other cultural backgrounds.

The activities undertaken in this project will focus around creating interventions in public space. These interventions are conceived as an interruption of normal life, the creation of ephemeral art actions. Our art projects are non-intrusive and non-structural.

Through our visual and media projects teenagers use their own experience as a platform to examine immigration and identity. These projects will help them to understand the connections between community, urban tribes and global themes. This project will also help them to learn how use art and media as tools for self-expression, dialogue, and community engagement.


coordinators: Arlan Londoño, Diana Cadavid, Alvaro Girón, and Julieta Maria

photo project:

We propose to present a photographic project called Sui Generis. It will consist of a series of photographs reflecting on the contradictory topics of migration and homeland. The stereotype is that homeland for immigrants is a site of nostalgia, and -especially for western culture- it is something like the lost paradise.

Today, major fights in our countries are for the possession of land. The project will reflect on these problems as well as the idea of immigrants as trans-cultural and transnational subjects.  The problems addressed, which are drawn from our cultural backgrounds or homelands, will translate into three images, which are: First, the Latin American indigenous or first nations’s march with their request for land. Second, the trip by train made by poor people from the south in their way to the rich north. Third, the trip made by many emigrants when they need to travel with all their stuff or utensils. These issues are shown in our photos and commented and criticized in our workshops... + go


This proget was presented during Allende Festival in the city of Toronto



video projects:

Video and Photography workshops for immigrant youth in the city of Toronto

The main objective of the workshops is to provide a space for expression amongst youth groups in the so-called urban tribes in Toronto. While the city presents the framework for coexistence, it also creates problems when we consider the incorporation of youth to the way of life characteristic of big cities. With the workshop, our aim is that youth find a critical voice and also a work tool... + go







Este es un proyecto conformado por  talleres de video y foto dirigido a jóvenes de la ciudad de Mérida, Yucatán, México, durante la Bienal Interactiva’09.

El principal objetivo del taller es dar un espacio de expresión a los grupos de jóvenes que conforman las llamadas tribus urbanas. Sabemos que la ciudad representa el marco de convivencia, pero también es un foco de problemas para la incorporación de los jóvenes a la forma de vida que se lleva en las grandes ciudades. Con el taller pretendemos que estos jóvenes tengan voz crítica y a la vez una herramienta de trabajo. Buscamos que los talleres se realicen con jóvenes de bajos ingresos.

Durante el taller el grupo de jóvenes aprenderá: 1- a manejar los elementos básicos del video o la fotografía (incluidos elementos básicos de edición y producción); 2- a trabajar en grupo para lograr la realización de su propio proyecto; 3- a crear un propio espacio de expresión desde los medios electrónicos...




This proget was presented during <<ARTE.(NUEVO) {INTEERACTIVA} + [2009] in the city of Merida, Mexico