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digital event Julieta Maria




Call for skies!

"e-Sky" is a new media project, the basic idea of which is to collect many short (10 to 15 second) videos of the sky by e-mail, from wherever you are.
The sky that you will send as a kind of video - postcard is an identity space; the e-mail is a means of intimate contact, of communication. The sky is personal because of the thoughts it triggers in each one, because it is poetic. There is a piece of sky in the memories of each person; at the same time, the sky is global, it is everywhere, it is undefined.

This project needs your input. If you would like to participate, you can send us :
1. A ten or fifteen second video of your sky (with any audio you would like). -Preferably quicktime(.mov) or flv format. -Resolution: preferably 320 x 240

In your email, please include your name, city and country where you live. You can send the attached files to julieta_maria@yahoo.com.


Skies by Jorge M, Amelia J, Arlan, Ximena , Mercedes, Carlos, Dalia y Brisa, Hugo y Gustavo, Andres B, Beto, Juan Carlos
Flash design and animation: Julieta Maria.

Creative consultant: Arlan Londono.