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digital event Claudia Bernal




Delirium is part of the art investigation process of the Nepantes triptych project. All works of this triptych (Chamanika urbana, Limbo and Me llevarás en tí) involve different disciplines: performance, video, sculpture and sound editing.

In the triptych I approach topics that interest me in a particular way, like feminine identity, wanderings, marginality, isolation, fragility and inner strength. The materials I use in these installations are diverse and include natural objects like rocks, water, feathers, and elements stemming from new technologies like video and sound mix.

Me llevarás en tí (I will live inside of you) is, of the three pieces, the most personal as it relates somehow to my personal life. The work addresses the inner conflicts implicit in the constitution of feminine identity, building on the text Elle coupe le Un en Deux by French writer Monique Enckell.

For the Digital Event I decided to present a variation of Me llevarás en tí at a specific stage of my artistic creation process, which I titled Delirium. The work was created from the photographs of a series of gestures that I performed as in a ritual. From the outside, these gestures appear to be out of everyday life, normal, mechanical, but internally, they are in a turmoil, a frenzy, a delirium. I combine voice, sound and gesture in order to express the search, fragility and strength of an interior state. Delirium speaks about a woman’s life, about time that passes and about madness.

Conception and realization: Claudia Bernal
Photography assistant : Pierre-Yves Serinet.
Text: Elle Coupe le Un en Deux, by Monique Enckell.
Voice: Claudia Bernal
Sound Editing: Claudia Bernal
Sound Mix assistance : Ambroise Vesac
Flash design and animation: Julieta Maria.

Claudia Bernal would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts and the RAAV for their support