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Alicia Felberbaum




Somewhere between here and there, narrativas contadas narrativas vividas

Somewhere between here and there, narrativas contadas narrativas vividas' experiments with aesthetic and theoretical forms assigned to the documentary genre and also focuses on the potential of 'soft-linked' stories (stories that are linked through software devices) when computers are added to the storytelling process, through algorithms applied to an array of elements [images, audio and video segments] stored in a database. An interactive Video Installation, designed to be shown as a live, presentation in a gallery environment as well as for Internet viewing and interaction.

Different people were interviewed and videoed, their stories were then fragmented and embedded within the interactive work. It features people from diverse contexts, investigating spaces, experiences and struggles surrounding migration and exploring their psychological and physical journeys, and portrays the perception of the migrant experience by migrants themselves as a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. Migrants become the historians of their own lives with their own voice.

As well as documenting stories, the work allows to create associations within those stories and other visual material combined 'on the fly', generating a range of alternative frameworks. These frameworks are dynamically generated based on the interaction between the author's definitions, the choices of the navigator and the matching algorithm embedded in the program. Unlike a traditional documentary, there are deviations in story directions. The author does not solely control "what happens next"; instead, that task is for the machine and the audience to navigate together.


2006    Sónar A La Carte, Barcelona  June 2006. http://www.sonar.es/2006/eng/multimedia.cfm

2006    Viper Basel International Festival for Film and New Media, Switzerland. http://www.viper.ch/
2005    File 2005, Sao Paolo, Brasil http://www.file.org.br/index.php? content_id=155&sel=9.0&lang=en#
2005    Videobrasil 2005, 15th International Electronic Art Festival, Sao Paolo, Brasil, http://www.videobrasil.org.br
2005    EMAF  European Media Art Festival, OSNABRÜCK. Germany. http://www.emaf.de/