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Participating Artists

Carlos Alban:

TLC: All the Chiapas

Jorge has studied Fine Arts at The Cooper Union in NY City, Technical Photography at The Hadassa Institute of Technology in Jerusalem, Cinematography and Video Production at Metropolis Center and TAI Art School in Madrid, and Art Photography at Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since the year 2000 his work combines cutting edge technology with Latin American socio-political issues.

The dark and revealing humor present in his electronic media works earned him an Honorary Mention at the First Central American Emerging Art Salon, at the Museum of Costa Rican Art and Design in San Jose, Costa Rica, 2003; an Honorary Mention at the Second Interamerican Video Art Biennial by the Inter American Bank in Washington DC, USA, 2004; His videoart Games in the Park was the first Costa Rican videoart shown in 20 years of Videobrasil: International Electronic Art Festival. Alban’s interactive documentary Central American Gothic was part of File: Electronic Language Art Festival in Sao Paolo, November 2005.


Claudia Bernal:

Graduated in Philology and Languages from the National University of Colombia, Claudia BERNAL immigrated to Quebec in 1991 and completed her Master scholarship in French Linguistics at Laval University. Her on-going research on the different modalities of language lead her to concentrate on the multiple forms of esthetic expressions. She graduated in 1999 with a B.A. in Visual Arts/ Creation at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and started a M.A. in History of Latin American Art in Mexico City.
Claudia BERNAL has developed a particular approach focused on the fragmentation of urban space and its impact on society and culture. The concepts of movement, migration, space, identity, are recurrent in her artworks. As an interdisciplinary artist (installation, video, performance, etching, painting), she stands out for the originality, energy and power of her works, and for her involvement in the artistic and cultural scene here and abroad. She has presented both collective and solo exhibitions in Canada, Quebec, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Germany. Colombia-born and Canadian, Claudia BERNAL lives and works in Montreal..


Andrés Burbano Valdes:
Ways of Neuron

Andres was born in Colombia, 1973. Interested in the relationship between science, culture and society. He is a professor at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. He is currently in residency at the Basic Research Institute in ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie de Karlsruhe)  Germany. http://atari.uniandes.edu.co/burbano burbano@alleati.com.


Guillermina Buzio

work Experience
2006 Curator, Uncontrolled reflecions, latin@ video/film installations
Programmer and coordinator of aluCine Toronto latin@Media Festival
2004/2005 Editor, documentary Argentineans in Toronto by Marta Marin, Toronto.
Assistant Director, Film by Jorge Manzano The Letter.
Programmer and Publicity coordinator for aluCine Toronto Latin@Media Festival

Formal Education:
2000 -02 Bachelor of Media Arts majoring in Integrated Media. Specialization: Film, sound, digital media and editing Emilly Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver.

1993-98 Bachelor of Fine Arts
Specialization: Painiting instructor. Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyredon, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alvaro Girón and Diana Cadavid:


Diana Cadavid
118 Roncesvalles Av. Suite 21 M5R 2K8
647 998 2717

Diana Cadavid has worked for the last two years in two independent media festivals, strengthening her organizational skills and developing her interest in video production and edition. Her work has been shown in different venues in Colombia and Canada.

Alvaro Giron
118 Roncesvalles Avenue Phone (647) 402 0117

Alvaro is a visual artist with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Journalism. While his main experience has been as a documentary filmmaker, he’s moving towards a more personal way to approach the possibilities of video production. 

Colibri Collective
Colorín Colorado

Colibri Collective is a new group formed in 2004 consisting of four women of Latin American roots with the intention of organizing artistic events for children. Its' members are Norma Araiza, Claudia Huerta, Pamela Jimenez and Tania Borja. We have been involved with other collectives such as LCCA and SAFP as coordinators of children’s art workshops as part of their events and festivals. We recently presented our own very successful multi disciplinary arts festival Colorin Colorado. We also look forward to participate with Mosiaco 21 an online Latino Toronto based magazine which plans to present a music festival in Sept. 2006, in the North West end of the city. Colibri Collective will be coordinating children’s activities as part of the festival.


Patricio Davila:
Constant Pursuit /Persecucion Constante
Browser-based video.

Patricio is a designer and artist. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to design he has worked on projects that involve  graphic design, photography and video, writing and research, curation, information architecture and interactive design. As an independent designer and researcher he has worked on interactive community-building projects such as the Museo  Solidaridad Museum. In his photo-based art practice, he explores memory, identity and the nature of subcultures and  their relationship to dominant culture. He has also worked as editor on several documentaries.   Patricio has taught digital production techniques to traditional designers in Havana, Cuba. He has recently lead  fourth-year students through an Art Director’s workshop at OCAD and lectured at Sheridan College. Patricio lives and works Toronto and is currently completing the Master of Communication & Culture at Ryerson/York Universities.

Master of Communication & Culture, Ryerson/York Universities (in progress) Bachelor of Design, Honours, Graphic Design, OCAD
Multimedia Workshop, Cornell University
Set Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University


Tania de la Cruz:

Little Indians a traves de la webcam

Tania was born in Mexico. She currently lives and works between Mexico and Montreal. She has a B.A and two masters in visual arts and New Media. Her works include three dimensional pieces (sculpture, object art and installation), video and actions, disciplines with which she currently experiments using the different tools available in Internet. Tania de la Cruz has had numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Mexico, Canada, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Finland, Brazil and Morocco. She has received several grants from National Fund for Culture and Arts (Mexico), the Conseil des Arts de Canada, the Conseil des Arts et des letters du Quebec, l’Office Québec-Amérique pur la jeunesse and the Centre Interdisciplinaire des Arts Médiatiques (CIAM). She is co-founder of the collective We are not Speedy Gonzales, collective that works in two areas: creation: public intervention, and circulation: curatorial practices and organization of international events.

Somewhere between here and there, narrativas contadas, narrativas vividas


2005 Nesta Fellow
2002-04 Nesta Fellow, currently affiliated to the Goldsmiths Digital Studios. Goldsmiths College, University of London
2001-04 Nesta Fellow National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts


1993-96 MA. Textiles, Visual Arts Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

2005 File 2005, Sao Paolo, Brasil. http://www.file.org.br/file2005/
2005 Videobrasil 2005, 15th International Electronic Art Festival, Sao Paolo,Brasil, http://www.videobrasil.org.br
2005 File 2005 European Media Art Festival, OSNABRÜCK. http://www.emaf.de/

Interviewed and reviewed on the

CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine /Issue 8
Magazine électronique du CIAC
Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal

Taira Liceaga:
Raíces Entrecruzadas/Tangled Roots

Taira Liceaga is a Puerto Rican artist living in Toronto.  Her work includes painting, fibre sculpture and more recently, digital design. In the past 15 years she has had 6 solo shows and participated in over 20 group shows in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Chicago and San Juan.

Her work celebrates the mixed heritage of her Latin American roots and explores themes related to her ancestors' racial and cultural legacy as well as to the discovery/invention of personal and collective histories.


Phone: (416)966 4989

Jorge is a video artist with a long trajectory. He has dedicated his life to the promotion and creation of film and experimental video. Jorge is the director and co-founder of ALUCINE Toronto Latin Film and Video Festival.


ALUCINARTE Latinos in the Arts Co- Director 2003-04-06
ALUCINE – Latin American Short Film and Video Festival 2001-2006
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - Trinity Square Video -1999-2000

Sara Malinarich

Sara Malinarich, Chilean artist specialized in multimedia, has worked in the development of platforms and technological interfaces for creation, collaborating in European projects within the Culture2000 program (2002-2003) through the International Museum of Electrography (MIDE). She has also collaborated with other artists investigating the technology applied in the creation (2001-2004).

In her private projects, she explores the territories of virtual reality. An example of this, is her multimedia artwork Claroscuro, a pioneering project in Chile -presented in 2000- at the School of Fine of Arts at the University of Chile and later (2003) at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her net.art projects on the Internet include such as Luminisensor, e.scher systemand other collaborative works. Her last creation presented at the Festival of Art and Science, Symbiosis, in Asturias (2005), refers to the artificial life through a cybernetic plant (Foto.Sin.Tesis). The same year, she proposed and directed the international ÓRBITA Project, among Latinamerican and Europe, making the ÓRBITA[05] Festival of Theshared Actions by Webcam at Museum of Science, Cuenca. Spain.

In relation to the Art of Action, her recent artwork, Re make Up, has been showed in festivals of video and performance in the United States, Sweden, Chile, Uruguay, Argentine and Mexico. Since 2000 she resides in Spain and part of her artwork has been documented for the Caixa Catalunya Foundation, Barcelona (Claroscuro and ÓRBITA).

This year (2006), her artwork Re Make Up and Luminisensor were shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Unión Fenosa (MACUF), Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias,Museum Da2, Museum Vasco, Museum Artium, Centre BilbaoArte, Centre Párraga, Asia House, CCCB of Barcelona and soon at Museum and Centre Reina Sofía organized by ARTECHMEDIA. Congress Art and New Technologies.

Parallel to this, the international artistic project, INTACT (www.intact01.net), is proposed and directed by her.

Julieta Maria

Julieta is a Toronto based artist with a degree in Visual Arts from York University. She has worked in several media, including painting and photography, and in the last five years has developed an interest in video and interactive installations.  Her video work has been shown in several venues in Toronto, Colombia and the U.S.  As an immigrant, Julieta has often explored memory and language in her works in a deeply personal way.

Antonio Mendoza:

Antonio Mendoza, the son of Cuban exiles, was born in Miami, Florida. He was raised in Madrid, Spain. In 1983, after receiving a degree in Semiotics from Brown University, he moved to Los Angeles where he hoped to land a job in the film industry. Instead, he landed on a friend's couch and decided that a career as an artist was more his calling. More than twenty years later, he still lives in L.A. with his wife, two children and five working computers.

His work ranges from classically inspired oil paintings to interactive web pages, lenticular collages, video remixing and digital installations. He has exhibited work and/or performed in galleries, biennials, festivals and museums in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Montreal, Mexico City, Merida (Mexico), Valencia (Venezuela), Sao Paolo, Montevideo, Tokyo, Chiangmai (Thailand), London, Liverpool, Zurich, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe (Germany), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Torino, Sevilla, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia (Spain) and Madrid. His work has been featured and/or reviewed in Artforum, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Modern Painters, New York Post, El País, ABC, Le Presse, Corriere Della Sera, Glue Magazine, Axcess, Wired, and other magazines and cyber publications.

His web sites, subculture.com. mayhem.net and imagepirate.com, combine his interest in art, film and crime. Together, they have logged over one million visitors a year for the past ten years. He has also written two true-crime books, Killers on the Loose, published in 2000, and Teenage Rampage, published in December 2002. On his days off, he plays music with the digital collective, Mr. Tamale.

Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet:
Traveling Corners/Esquinas Rodantes

Raul born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. MFA, Multimedia and Video Art Department, University of Iowa, 1992. Interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and scholar. He has exhibited his work at major galleries, art centers and museum around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Randolph Street Gallery-Chicago, Brisbane Powerhouse Art center, Australia, Video IN-Vancouver, Canada, Museo de Arte Actual, Bogotá, Colombia, Galeria Fort-Barcelona, Spain, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Centro de Cultura Contemporanea, Barcelona, Spain and Museum of Contemporary Art (MACAY), Merida, Mexico. Ferrera-Balanquet is the executive curator of Arte Nuevo InteractivA, one of the leading new media and cotemporary exhibit in Latin America.

Regina Célia Pinto:

Faixa Compartilhadá A preferencia é do Poeta/Shared Track, The Poet Has The Right of Way.

Olhar Axolotes/Viewing Axolotls

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Regina Célia Pinto is a researcher, visual artist and teacher. She earned a teaching certificate in Drawing and Art at the Escola de Belas Artes of the Universidade Federal in Rio de Janeiro, 1974 - 1977. She has a Master's degree in Art History, specializing in the Anthropology of Art / EBA, UFRJ, 1994. Her Master's thesis is titled: "Four views in search of a reader, important women, art and identity," 1994, EBA, UFRJ.

She has written a variety of academic works, including published scientific essays. As a visual artist, she has participated in several exhibitions and curated several.

Her interest in web.art started in 1997. She created and publishes arteonline.arq.br which, since July 2001, is called The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That. She believes that one of the good characteristics of globalization is it allows the exchange of national and international artistic experiences.

Lina Rodriguez:

Lina Rodriguez is a Colombian born Visual Artist.In 2000, Lina moved to Toronto, Canada to study film at York University and graduated with a BFA this past June.  Last summer, she interned as a Marketing & Promotions Assistant for Toronto-based film distributor Mongrel Media.  She is currently part of the Publicity and Programming team of aluCine Toronto Latin@ Media Festival and part of the board of Directors for A Space Gallery in Toronto.

Lina is part of LAS MENINAS Collective, which presented Isolated Voices during Hysteria: A festival of women last November. Isolated Voices, is a powerful performance installation commemorating the hundreds of women that have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez, México and it will be presented again this summer at FLY Gallery in Toronto.

Eugenio Tisselli: 
La mareadora 

Eugenio was born in Mexico City, and currently lives in Barcelona. He is a programmer since age 12, and also a writer and musician. He has a Master's degree in Digital Arts. His main areas of interest are: programming as creative work, the expressive possibilites of algorithms and physical interface design. He currently teaches Programming and Physical Interaction in Barcelona. Part of his work can be seen at http://www.motorhueso.net. Some highlights: MIDIPoet, a software he developed to create reactive text & image pieces. Vaina Systems: a group of which he is a founder (together with Jose Lozano), dedicated to the development of homemade software, hardware and interactive installations.

Marina Zerbarini:
Tejido de Memoria/Memory weaves

Marina Zerbarini, lives and work in Bs. As. Argentina. In 1996 She initiates the investigations on art and technology. She inaugurated the first chair of Digital Art in the Art National University Institute in Bs. As Argentina, (2000). She is the first Argentine artist invited to participate in Netart Gallery, German Virtual Gallery to expose his works in Internet. At the present time she is dedicated specifically to works in Net.art, the investigations in programming, and teaching in the National University of “Tres de febrero”, and the Art National University Institute. From 1999 she has her own site in Internet: www.marina-zerbarini.com.ar where her works are showed in the Net.art and other project of artists and theoreticians guests.

She has participated in numerous International festivals of Art and Technology, in 2001 received in Paris, France, the Second International prize in Multimedia Art with her work \"The dream is gone\". The work: \"Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta\" has been selected for the V Simphosium on Art and Multimedia, Metanarratives(?), Mediateca de la Fundación Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain 2005 and has received Mention of honor in the Mamba Prize Art and New Technologies, Fundación telefónica y Limbo in Bs. As. Argentina, 2004.

Z'otz Collective
Exquisite Corpse

Nahúm Flores, Erik Jerezano, and Ilyana Martínez met one day and created a new entity – Z’otz* (Mayan word for “bat”) – an amalgamation of their personalities and a fusion of their artistic styles. Z’otz* appears weekly in the invented worlds it creates and inhabits. Here, these curious souls explore the freedom of the absurd through experimental collaboration. Z’otz* has taught these three artists to read images, forms and colours with their souls, and to respond viscerally to them. The emergence of this new beginning – Z’otz* – has been liberating, allowing them the space to let go, and play.
Nahúm Flores (Honduras) nahumflores@nahumflores.com  www.nahumflores.com
Erik Jerezano (Mexico) yojerezano@hotmail.com
Ilyana Martínez (Canada/Mexico) ilyana2@yahoo.com  www.ilyanamartinez.com