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Nicholas Bourriaud

This lecture took place during the forum at 10th Havana Biennial, 2009, La Habana Cuba


The Theoretical Forum of the Tenth Havana Biennial will consist of different actions. A first space for discussions was opened in March 2008 and comprises the international presentation of a debate that will extend until March 2009. This exchange of ideas will be carried out through an online forum with artists, theorists, etc., and conferences that will also circulate as light publications during the year. It is an exchange oriented both to the international and Cuban contexts in order to create the conceptual bases or guidelines of understanding on the topic in question, with a view to prepare the public to face and understand the Tenth Biennial's discourse. It also comprises the edition of an anthology with a selection of the ideas emerged from the different Havana Biennials and their theoretical events, as well as the publication of the book on the Theoretical Event of the Tenth Havana Biennial, which will present the public with the works discussed in March 2009 at the traditional venue of the National Fine Arts Museum.

Project for the Theoretical Event. Tenth Havana Biennial


French curator and art critic. He co-founded, and from 1999 to 2006 was co-director of, the Palais de Tokyo, Paris together with Jerôme Sans. He was also founder and director of the contemporary art magazine Documents sur l'art (1992-2000), and correspondent in Paris for Flash Art from 1987 to 1995. Bourriaud is now Gulbenkian curator of contemporary art at Tate Britain, London, and in 2009 he curated the fourth Tate Triennial there, entitled Altermodern