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video and photography workshops for immigrant youth in the city of Toronto

The main objective of the workshops is to provide a space for expression amongst youth groups in the so-called urban tribes in Toronto. While the city presents the framework for coexistence, it also creates problems when we consider the incorporation of youth to the way of life characteristic of big cities. With the workshop, our aim is that youth find a critical voice and also a work tool.

During the workshop, the participants will learn:

  1. To use basic elements of video and photography:
    1. Basics of film and video language.
    2. Narrative and framing.
    3. Basics of camera’s functioning: Parts of the camera, physics of the camera, lightning, exposure.
    4. Basic elements of editing and production.

  2. To work as a group to achieve the completion of their own project.
  3. To create their own space for expression within electronic media.