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"Turbulence: Remixes + Bonus Beats"
by Eduardo Navas;

translated by Lucrezia Cippitelli, Francesca De Nicolò, Raquel Herrera, Brenda Banda Corona & Ignacio Nieto.

Turbulence is also part of the history of remix culture. Generally speaking, remix culture can be defined as the global activity consisting of the creative and efficient exchange of information made possible by digital technologies that is supported by the practice of cut/copy and paste. >>>



"Narrating with New Media: What Happened with What has Happened?"
by Belén Gache

Translated from the Spanish by Raquel Herrera

Edited by Jo-Anne Green, Helen Thorington and Eduardo Navas

on narrative structures, ideologies and strategies

There has been much talk about the relations between printed books, modernity and metaphysics; and about the relation between new writing applications and philosophical schools such as poststructuralism and deconstruction. The fact is that electronic writing applications involve a new way of writing and narrating, a new grammar and a new semiotics. >>>



Digital Event 2007
Por Jorge Marulanda

The appearance of the term "NetArt" (Vuc Cosic, 1995) paves the way for art that undertake processes which function only in the net and whose topic is the net. This fact turns the device into an exploration camp, in which artistic action must achieve a globalized expression, must work in an environment based on freedom of access and where user intervention becomes categorical. >>>



Artistas Latinos Making Global Art
Por Laura Baigorri

Hasta ahora las artes plásticas y audiovisuales han catalogado un arte latino que desarrolla una conciencia social autóctona y también existe un mercado de arte latino, con unos canales de difusión y una dependencia económica específica. Pero el arte latino   no tiene sentido en la red, un entorno concebido como el paraíso del no-lugar, la compartición, la dilución, el canibalismo, la contaminación y el equívoco. >>>